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Each thing sometimes needs repair. Once new windows and doors wear out as well, one detail breaks or something another happens. If the same has happened with your windows or doors, we will be glad to help you – we offer fast and qualitative repair of any kind of windows and doors – PVC, wooden or aluminum.

We have not only knowing, qualified masters with high level of responsibility, but all necessary tools and wide range of spare parts as well, so we make repair without any delay. We repair shutters and change double-glazed windows, but we also replace small accessories and make all other necessary repair works for your windows and doors    .

Our biggest value is a happy client, so we pay serious attention to client-oriented work style – we try to adapt to the term when our services are needed, listen to all needs and wishes of clients, we are working correctly and carefully,   so client could be happy after work we had done. 


Do you know that doors and windows every year need the adjustment in order to avoid the loss of their good functions, as well as to save the accuracy of their functions? It is not normal that it is not possible to easy open and close doors and windows, some cracks have appear and that’s why you feel wind flow. You can’t avoid these small defects which could be not so visible from the beginning – it is better to make the adjustment of doors and windows timely and eliminate such problems than state that one of details have wore out and big repair or even change of doors and windows is needed.

To make a qualitative adjustment of doors and windows it is necessary to know different technical solutions, because different models of doors and windows from different enterprises could be based on different principles of adjustment. As our masters have got the certificate of Rehau academy and daily works.


Restoration of wooden doors and windows is the one of solutions how to make their life longer. We remove old paint, renew woodcarving, make processing against insects and other actions which will provide good look of your doors and windows and will protect a tree from environment influence. 

The capital renovation of house is not needed to return its beauty and colors, often all you need is the restoration of doors and windows, because they wear out and lose their unique appearance more quickly. Restoration needs less money, but the result is obvious and remains for a long time. This is especially important to owners of the authentic wooden houses, where usual PVC windows look bad. It does not matter, how worn-out doors and windows before restoration look, they could be renewed. All what is needed is to remove old paint to check, in what condition is a wood.

Good master can make a miracle even in hopeless situation, therefore we do not allow you to throw out wooden doors and windows before our masters will see them.


You do not need to change the old doors and window, but what if you want the doors and windows that answer the modern standards of quality? You have new needs; still you do not want to waste much money? We have the solution – this is a modernization of doors and windows. This service is efficient from the costs – work point of view if you change your doors and windows long time ago, but they still working good and you do not want to change them.

To make a modernization of doors and windows it should be clear what is the potential of doors and windows – how big are possibilities to make it better, wide the functions. Not all doors and windows could be modernized in any way. To define, what is possible to do with your doors and windows, please contact our experts in servicing. (see page Contacts)

After guarantee period

Our cooperation will not definitely end after guarantee period on your doors and windows – we will be glad to offer you after guarantee services on PVC, wooden or aluminum windows, so you could ask as for the help even if installation and guarantee services provided other enterprise.

We provide after guarantee services on doors and windows to each client in needed time. We guarantee that you will not wait for a weeks or months when our masters will arrive. We are working fast, but we do not forget about the quality. Our masters have knowledge and experience and their make work with high responsibility.

After guarantee services include:

  • the adjustment of doors and windows,
  • the change of necessary details (according to client);
  • the cleaning and greasing of mechanisms.
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